I know I don’t say it often enough, but thank you.

  • Thank you for handling the small stuff and the big projects.
  • Thank you for having a team dedicated to providing support to our offices.
  • Thank you for putting up with my demands with grace and patience!
  • Thank you for your persistence in getting to resolutions, rather than washing your hands and walking away.
  • Thank you for your constant communication and clarity into the projects we have going on
  • Thank you for being a vendor partner I can count on

All my best to you, Master Maintenance!

Dean H.
Interdent Service Corporation

Just wanted to send a word of thanks to you and your staff for support throughout 2019. It is easy to point out if something is wrong with service, but should be just as easy when service is pretty good.

The team has done well with minor incidents, and I appreciate Tracey for her leadership of going above and beyond to make sure the quality of service stays high. She faces many challenges to cover the amount of space for cleaning under your scope. I am sure you know her sacrifices on a weekly basis to get the job done!

I also appreciate the workers that handle the 3rd floor, and Portia on the 9th floor, who does a very good job. I have watched her from a distance, and see that she is committed to doing a thorough job.

Chris G.

Our cleaning lady is the BEST!!! She is always so polite and even when all of the guys stayed for the draft picks last night, she patiently waited to clean up after them until after 10:00 PM.

Thank You!

Kelsey H.

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that everything has really been looking better in the last few weeks the floors are shiny, the front doors have no fingerprints, the carpets are vacuumed, the desks seem nice, the sinks and kitchen areas are cleaner, even the elevator looked good inside. I’m not sure what changes have taken place but there has been a huge difference and we truly appreciate it. I always have to come to you with complaints so I wanted to take a moment and come to you with a compliment.

Thank you,

Leslie C.

I utilized their services at the Galleria and they did a great job with the night cleaning and I highly recommend them. We never had any complaints from our tenants there and they have really great evening supervisors. They also do carpet cleaning and have done really well with maintaining our floors.

Lynne L.

Good morning Mr. Speelman,

I hope this email reaches you in good spirits and that your Friday is going well! I just wanted to reach out and let you know that the maintenance staff did a phenomenal job over the winter break cleaning the class rooms and offices! The floors were even shining in the spaces. We really appreciate the extra effort and attention paid to the school over the break!


Donald W
Detroit Public Schools Community District

I want to personally thank you for everything you did last evening to prepare the suite and common area around it for today's showing. Everything looked so nice and clean. Mr. Nemer even commented how great everything looked. As always, you do a wonderful job and we appreciate you very much.

-Carolyn S.

Thank you all for making this customer feel so well taken care of that he had to let me know. I really appreciate all that you do for our company and our customers like Moosejaw.